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NETO Caffè & Bakery
phone 650.625.9888
fax 650.625.8788


135 Castro Street
(across from the Mountain View train station)
Mountain View, CA 94041


Neto Caffe & Bakery has developed a few different packages that can accommodate groups for breakfast, lunch, parties and any business meeting.

Each package is served in large platters, rather than individually wrapped per person. Package 1 - Falafel & Hummus
Falafel, Hummus, Tahini, Salads, Pickles and Pita bread - $8.95 per person

Package 2 - Burekas Platter (Bagel shaped)
Stuffed Burekas (filled with Spinach, Potato or Feta), house salad and hard boiled egg - $7.25 per person. (Burekas only - $3 per person)

Package 3 - Sandwich Platter
Mix of fresh Sandwiches (Tuna, Italian, Pastrami or NETO (hard boiled egg on hummus spread), house salad and fries - $8.95 per person. (Sandwich only - $5.95 per person)

Package 4 - Schnitzel & Fries
Our special breaded chicken with mustard marinade. Comes in a large portion and served with fries and house salad- $12.75 per person

Package 5 - Focaccia/Pizza Wrapped
Our Italian flat bread wrapped inside Veggie pesto, Chicken or NETO (grilled Halloumi cheese), served with house salad $9.95 per person.

Package 6 - Yoghurt & Granola
Healthy morning starter. Comes in a large portion and served with our special pastry - $8.25 per person.

Package 7 - Pasta & Vegetables
Penne or Spaghetti with red or white sauce, served with steamed vegetables $8.95 per person.

Package 8 - Mix of House pastries
Danishes (Cheese, Cinnamon, and Poppy Seed), Croissants (plain, Almond, chocolate), Rugalach, Muffins - $2.95 per person.

Call or email us with any inquiries or orders and we'll coordinate timely deliveries of our delicious edibles to your door. Minimum order is required.
- 10% discount for large orders
- The above prices are for orders of more than 25 people
- You can mix packages (example: for 30 people you can order 10 of each 1, 2 and 3)
- Delivery fee will be attached to drop-off orders under $350
- Prices do not include tax

Download our MENU, 327k Adobe PDF (Get Adobe® Reader®)