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Mediterranean Roots
Mediterranean cuisine was born in the vast lands of the Fertile Crescent. This rich land cradled the birth of agriculture, giving rise to the first crops of domesticated wheat and barley, and to the first communities, towns and cities in history.

From the first flatbread of the Mesopotamians, to the loaves and rolls of the Ancient Egyptians, bread has been the staple food for all the inhabitants of the Mediterranean. Its sun-drenched shores, the temperate climate of its dry summers and mild, wet winters, provided a bounty of ingredients such as the first legumes, grapes, dates, olives, melons, pomegranates, pistachios and almonds.

The food of the Mediterranean region is a celebration of life. It is flavorful, invigorating and a reflection of the changing seasons. The Mediterranean is a culinary and cultural crossroads, where foods, ingredients and dishes from all directions mingled, mixed, fused and blended. Many of the dishes you will find at NETO are rooted in the agriculture of ancient cultures and have survived the test of time.